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Fun with a Machete

We cut down one of our "volunteer" Samoan coconut trees the other day (Sometimes coconuts fall and if we let them sit a little too long... we have a new coconut tree where we didn't quite plan on it!), and we suddenly had a ton of green coconuts!

So many cocos!

I'm used to opening and eating the brown cocos, which are great for thick coconut meat, but these green Samoan ones are best for coconut water and spoonmeat. Spoonmeat (haohao in Hawaiian) is considered by many to be the best stage of the coconut - the meat is about 1/4" thick and soft enough to be eaten with a spoon. The coconut water is also at its sweetest at this stage - often with a hint of vanilla. The best way to open these softer, green coconuts is with a machete. My friend (and farm coach at GoFarm Hawaii), Paolo, is from Samoa, and is teaching me to deal with these guys the traditional Polynesian way!

One of my first attempts, and the sweet reward for my efforts.
My setup at the Red Barn Farmstand

We were invited to the opening party for the Red Barn Farmstand in Haleiwa, and what better to sell than ice cold green coconuts! I was a little nervous about using my new machete skills in front of a bunch of people, but luckily Paolo helped me out, and everything went great!


I'm learning not to be intimidated by the HUGE machete! If this 11 year old girl can do it... I can too.

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