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Farm Assistant Job Opening


Lokoea Farms is an eight-acre family-run farm located in Hale‘iwa. We grow orchard fruit crops, primarily citrus such as Meyer Lemons and Hawaiian Oranges, but also a variety of tropical fruits such as mango, and avocado. We also raise a small flock of chickens for eggs, and create value-added products, such as preserves and dried fruit. We primarily market our products directly to restaurants, grocery stores, and families through Farm Link Hawai‘i. 



Lokoea Farms is looking to hire a motivated, hard-working, and detail-oriented person to assist on the farm in Hale‘iwa. Everyone on the farm is responsible for a variety of jobs, including field work, order fulfillment, poultry care, deliveries, repairs and maintenance, and more.


For more info and to apply, visit our Application for Employment at and/or email resume and cover letter to Must be willing to submit to background/drug checks and provide employment recommendations, as needed.

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